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Friends, in this post we are sharing the initial story of Vikram Betaal. This story tells about King Vikram, who was he and where was he going with Betal? What was his motive behind this? Read First Story of Vikram Betal.

About Vikramaditya’s Family :

In ancient times, the city of Dhara was ruled by a king named Gandharvasena. He had four queens. He had six sons. Above all a wise and brave one. Unfortunately one day Gandharvasen died First Story of Vikram Betal.

First Story of Vikram Betal : Vikram Betal Story in English

His successor, the eldest son Shankha, was chosen and became the king of the kingdom. But he could not stay on the throne for long. His younger brother Vikram killed him and became the king himself.

About Vikramaditya : First Story of Vikram Betal

King Vikram was brave, intelligent and shrewd. He ruled efficiently and the kingdom expanded and expanded during his reign. Soon he became the emperor of the entire Jambudvipa. But, one day the idea of world tour came in the mind of King Vikram and he handed over the palace to his younger brother Bharathari and went on a world tour.

The Palace Handed Over to Bharathari :

A Brahmin lived in a village in Dhara Nagari. He was always absorbed in the worship of God. Once he did severe penance of the Lord in the forest, due to which the Lord pleased him and gave him fruits as a boon. That fruit was the fruit of immortality. Whatever he eats becomes immortal.

The Brahmin went home pleased and gave that fruit to his wife and told the whole thing. The wife said, “Prannath! We remain poor. What will we do after living more? Life will be spent in poverty. The king has the right on this fruit. You give it to him.”

The Brahmin liked his wife’s words and reached the court of King Bharata with the fruit. He dedicated the fruit to Bhartrihari and in return Bhartrihari gave him a lot of gold coins from the treasury. The Brahmin went back to his house with the gold coins.

One of his queens was very dear to Bharathari. He took the fruit and went to her and gave it to her and said, “Dear! By eating this fruit you and your beauty will become immortal.
The queen took the fruit, but did not eat it. His love affair was with the Kotwal of the city. He gave that fruit to her. The Kotwal had to go to the prostitute’s house in the city. He gave that fruit to her. After getting the fruit, the prostitute thought – ‘What will I do after eating this fruit? The protector of the state, the king is its officer.

She reached Bharathari with the fruit and returned with a lot of money after giving it to him. When Bharthari looked at that fruit carefully, it seemed familiar. He immediately went to the queen and asked her, “Dear! Did you eat the fruit I gave you or not.

“I ate that fruit, Rajan!” The queen replied : First Story of Vikram Betal

Hearing the lie of the queen, Bhartrihari showed her that fruit. Now the queen had no choice but to speak the truth. He told the whole thing to Bhartrihari. Knowing all this, Bhartrihari felt very sad. He felt that this world was just a hoax. He ate that fruit and left the palace and started walking towards the forest in the guise of a yogi.

After his departure, there was no one to run the royal palace. Then Devraj Indra sent one of his deities to watch over the city of Dhara. That deity stood at the gate of the city day and night and started monitoring the city.

Indra took the test of Vikramaditya : First Story of Vikram Betal

Here, when King Vikram, who was on a world tour, learned that Bhartrihari had left the palace, he returned to the city. But, at the door, he was stopped by the Lord sent by Devraj Indra. Vikram tells him that he is the king of the city. But Dev did not believe her and asked her to take the test.

“If you really are the king of this city, show me by defeating me in battle.” Dev challenges him. Accepting the challenge, Vikram started fighting with Dev and in no time defeated Dev with his strength. Dev understood that it was actually King Vikram of the kingdom.

Handing over the kingdom to Vikram, he said, “I am leaving. But before leaving, I want to tell you one thing. A few years ago three persons were born in a city and a constellation – one was you, one was Teli.

And a potter. You became the king of Dhara city and Teli the king of Hades. The potter lived a life of poverty. He has jealousy in his heart for you and Teli. So he killed Teli and brought him with the powers he gained from yoga practice. Take him to the cremation ground. I hung him on a rosewood tree. Now his eyes are on you. You be careful.”

Saying this the deities started meditating. Vikram again took the command of the kingdom in his own hands. When their king Vikram came back, people were very happy.

Yogi gave fruits to Vikram : First Story of Vikram Betal

One day a yogi named Shantishil came to the court of King Vikram. He gave a fruit to Vikram and left. Vikram doubted that yogi whether he was the same yogi about whom Dev had told. So he did not eat the fruit and gave it to the treasurer.

Yogis kept coming to Vikram’s court. He would come and give her fruit and go away. Vikram used to give that fruit also to the treasurer. Many days passed like this.

One day Vikram was inspecting his horses in the stables. Not finding Vikram in the court, Yogi reached the stables and started giving fruits in Vikram’s hand. While catching the fruit slipped from Vikram’s hand and fell on the ground and broke. A gem came out of it, seeing which all the people present in the stables including Vikram were surprised.

Vikram called his treasurer and he asked about the fruits. The treasurer told that all the fruits have rotted in so many days. But the surprising thing is that a gem has come out from inside every fruit. These gems are priceless.

Vikram asked the yogi, “Yogiraj! Why did you keep giving me gems inside the fruit for so long? What is your purpose?” Yogi replied, “Rajan! One should never approach the king, guru, Vaidya, astrologer and daughter empty handed. You are the king of this kingdom, how can you come empty handed.”

Vikram understood that Yogi must have had some purpose or the other. So he took her to solitude. and asked, “Yogiraj! Tell me what can I do for you?”

Explain Yogiraj Purpose : First Story of Vikram Betal

Yogi said, “Rajan! I am meditating in the crematorium situated on the bank of river Godavari. My wish will be fulfilled as soon as the mantra is completed. If you really want to do something for me, come to that crematorium only at the last moment.” . Night. With. What you have to do, I’ll tell you right there.”

Vikram was shocked to hear Yogi’s words. But, he had to go to the crematorium to know the secret of Yogi. He accepted that invitation and promised Yogi that he would definitely come to the crematorium the next night.

Next night Vikram reached the cremation ground with his sword. There he saw that the yogi was meditating with his eyes closed. He went near and bowed to Yogi, then Yogi opened his eyes and gestured to sit. Vikram sat in front of her. After some time the yogi said, “Rajan! I have been doing this sadhna for years to prove a mantra. My sadhna will be complete only when you bring me a dead body hanging on a rosewood tree from the crematorium located in the south direction. Two miles away from here. Will you do this for me?

“Your order, Sirodhrai Yogiraj!” Saying this Vikram left the currency. Yogi sat there and started doing sadhna. In that dark night, Vikram was going on the path shown by Yogi. On the way there was a deserted forest, in which different types of animals were making noise. The snakes were spreading their hood by hissing.

Explain Yogiraj Purpose : First Story of Vikram Betal

But Vikram was moving forward with courage. Finally he reached the cremation ground which Yogi had told him. He went inside and started looking for the rosewood tree on which the dead body was hanging. He saw that tree in a corner. When he reached near the tree, he saw a dead body hanging upside down with the help of a rope.

Vikram climbed the tree and cut the rope with his sword. The deceased fell down. As soon as he fell down, he started moaning in a loud voice. Vikram was shocked to see this. He asked the dead, “Tell me who are you?”

Hearing this, the deceased started laughing and again went to the tree and hanged. Vikram climbed the tree again and took the body down and made it sit on his back. After that he left the cremation ground.

On the way the dead asked him, “Who are you? And where are you taking me?” Vikram said, ‘I am King Vikram of Dharnagar. I am taking you to Yogi. Who are you?” “I am disappointed.” The dead said, “I am ready to go with you, but on one condition.” “That what?” Vikram asked. “You have to be silent all the way. Nothing to say.

If you say, I’ll go back there and hang it on the same tree.” Vikram accepted the condition and started moving forward. After sometime Betal said, “The road is long. I am telling you a story. Your time will be wasted and mine too.” After this Betal started narrating the story, First Story of Vikram Betal

Lessons from the story : First Story of Vikram Betal

The king should always be courageous and mighty like Vikramaditya. Only then can he protect his subjects.

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