Story of Bhai Dooj | History And Significance of Bhai Dooj : 4 Beautiful Bhai Dooj Story

Story of Bhai Dooj, History And Significance of Bhai Dooj, 4 Beautiful Bhai Dooj Story, Religious Significance of Bhai Dooj.

Today we are compiling the Story of Bhai Dooj in this article, reading which you can definitely fall in love with sister brother Story of Bhai Dooj.

History And Significance of Bhai Dooj :

Story of Bhai Dooj : The festival of Bhai Dooj is celebrated on the third day of Deepawali i.e. on the second day of Kartik Shukla Paksha. Story of Bhai Dooj This is the holy festival of brothers and sisters. Today in this story we are writing the events behind celebrating Bhai Dooj festival. In which there are stories related to mythological, modern and beliefs.

Brother-sister love manifests the purity of love which is not only cosmic but also supernatural, this festival is celebrated not only on earth but also in heaven, due to this love God has to take many incarnations.

Story of Bhai Dooj | History And Significance of Bhai Dooj : 4 Beautiful Bhai Dooj Story

Bhai Dooj is also of great importance in the main festival of Hindus. The festival of Bhai Dooj comes 2 days after Deepawali, on this day sisters do tilak of their brother and with folded hands pray to Yamraj for his long life.

It is written in Skanda Purana that by pleasing Yamraj on this day, the worshipers get the desired results. There is a mythological story behind the celebration of Bhai Dooj.

Religious Significance of Bhai Dooj : Story of Bhai Dooj

According to religious texts, on the day of Kartik Shukla Dwitiya, Yamuna got a boon to honor her brother Yama, due to which Bhai Dooj is also called Yama Dwitiya.

Actually, according to the boon of Yamraj, the person who will worship Yama after bathing in Yamuna on this day, will not have to go to Yamaloka after death. On the other hand, Yamuna, the daughter of Surya, is considered as the goddess Swarupa, who removes all the troubles. For this reason, bathing in the Yamuna river on the day of Yama Dwitiya and worshiping Yamuna and Yamraj has special significance.

On this day sisters do tilak of their brother and with folded hands pray to Yamraj for his long life. According to the Puranas, Yamraj is pleased with the worship performed on this day and gives desired results.

Story of Bhai Dooj Yama – Yamuna :

Story of Bhai Dooj : According to the scriptures, Lord Surya Narayan and Sangya had two children – one son Yamraj and the other daughter Yamuna. But there came a time when the noun was not able to bear the brilliance of the sun, it started living in the form of a shadow on the North Pole.

Due to which the Tapti river and Shanidev were born. After settling in the North Pole, there was a difference in the behavior of the noun (shadow) with Yama and Yamuna. Distressed by this, Yama founded his own city, Yampuri.

At the same time Yamuna would be sad to see her brother Yama punishing sinners in Yamapuri, so she started living in Goloka, but there was a lot of affection between brothers and sisters in both Yama and Yamuna.

Story of Bhai Dooj | History And Significance of Bhai Dooj : 4 Beautiful Bhai Dooj Story

Time passed like this, then suddenly one day Yama remembered his sister Yamuna. It is not that Yamraj ji did not love his sister but because he was busy in work, he could not go to meet his sister Yamuna. Then on the day of Kartik Shukla Paksha Dwitiya, Yamuna invited brother Yamraj for food and promised him to come to her home. In such a situation, Yamraj thought that I was going to lose my life.

Nobody wants to invite me to their home. It is the utmost duty to respect the love with which my sister is calling me. When Yamraj ji came to his sister Yamuna’s house, he freed all the living beings living in hell. When Yamraj ji came to his sister’s house, Yamuna was very happy.

Yamuna Had Asked for a Boon :

After bathing, Yamuna worshiped Yamraj and served him delicious dishes and fed him. Pleased with this hospitality of Yamuna, Yamraj ordered the sister to ask for a boon.

Then Yamuna said, ‘O Bhadra! You come to my house every year on this day and like me, a sister who treats her brother with respect on this day should not be afraid of you.

Since then the tradition of celebrating this festival is going on from this day. Therefore, it is believed that Yamraj and Yamuna should also be worshiped on the day of Bhai Dooj.

Story of Bhai Dooj Shri Krishna & Subhadra :

Story of Bhai Dooj : In Dwapara Yuga there was a demon named Narakasura, who was troubling the three worlds because of his sins and unrighteousness. He was also a great devotee of Brahma ji, he had accumulated immense powers through penance and accomplishment of many gods.

Because of the arrogance and arrogance of these powers, he was doing unrighteousness towards her every day. After defeating Indra, he had also captured the heavenly world. On the suggestion of Brahma ji, Indra reached the earth seeking help from Shri Krishna.

Sri Krishna persuaded Indra to go to heaven and himself went to battle in Narakasur city with his wife Satyabhama. After a fierce battle, Shri Krishna killed Narakasura with the help of Chakra Sudarshan and freed the three worlds from fear.

Story of Bhai Dooj | History And Significance of Bhai Dooj : 4 Beautiful Bhai Dooj Story

When Shri Krishna returned after killing Narakasura, his sister Subhadra welcomed his brother Shri Krishna and sister-in-law Satyabhama with flowers etc. Thanks to God for protecting his long life, this is why the festival of Bhai Dooj came into vogue.

Sister Avoids Seven Deaths of her Brother :

Once upon a time, in a village, an old woman lived with one of her sons, Katha Beti. The old lady had married her daughter. His daughter was a bit hot-tempered and taunting, abusing had become a part of his nature.

After a long time, the old woman’s son asks the mother to visit his sister. His mother says why is he going here? She doesn’t even talk properly and also abuses.

The brother loved his sister very much, so he went out to meet his sister after persuading his mother. On the way he had to cross the river, while crossing the river the river appears as Kaal. asks him to throw it in his stream.

The brother prays that he is going to visit his sister after a long time, if they return together he should wash her in his stream.

Hearing the Prayer, the River Calmed Down and Gave Way to Him :

After walking some distance, he meets a big poisonous snake which is ready to bite by lifting its hood towards its side. The brother then says that he is going to his sister’s place, if Tilak and Kalava Bandha return to him, the snake will surely bite him and let him go.

After walking some distance, he meets a giant lion. The lion was hungry for many days, he was looking for food, seeing that man, his search was about to end. He was making fun of her to satisfy his hunger. The brother stood in front of him with folded hands and said the same old two things that he had said to the snake and the river to the lion too. The lion asked him to come back soon.

He Reached his Sister’s Place After Escaping Three Obstacles and Times :

She called her sister from outside the house, the sister was making yarn sitting inside the house. Hearing the sound, the thread of the yarn broke. As per belief, there is no sound response when the thread is broken, so he immediately started tying the thread.

The brother raised three or four voices but the sister did not respond. He remembered the words of his mother who was refusing to come here, because I knew the nature of the sister very well.

He started returning in despair, by then the sister had tied the thread. When she came out, the brother had left. She followed him to her brother and told the reason for not speaking.

The Brother Happily Returned to the Sister’s House.

Sister asked her neighbor how to cook food for the house we love so much if a special guest comes? The neighbor joked that oil should be applied and rice should be cooked with ghee.

In the love of brother, the sister could not understand that the neighbor was making fun of her. He did the same but this method took a lot of time but the rice could not be made. Brother’s hunger was increasing because he had gone too far.

When Asked the Sister, the Sister Told How to Cook :

The brother laughed out loud and told his sister the neighbor’s joke. The sister again cooks the food quickly by lighting the stove and feeds the brother. He applies tilak to welcome his brother, ties Kalava in his hand and performs aarti with a lamp of ghee.

After staying at the sister’s house for a few days, he insists on returning. Sister asks him to stay for a few more days, but his old mother will be waiting in the village saying that he convinces her to leave.

Sister makes delicious laddus by grinding wheat to her brother on the way. The brother bids farewell to his sister and goes to his mother. After some time when he saw the laddu, its color changed.

If she looks at the mill in which she grinds wheat, she finds that a snake has been ground in that mill. She senses that a snake has been crushed in the flour, she gets scared. She walks long distances chasing her brother.

Brother is Resting Under the Tree :

Didi asks him about laddus, didn’t you eat laddus? The brother said no, he has not eaten the laddoos yet. She thanks God. Taking a bundle of laddus, digging a pit and filling all the laddus in it.

Seeing the sister doing this, the brother asks what is the matter? So she narrates the snake incident. Brother says Didi, you have saved me from this phase, but thrice are waiting for me behind. River narrates the snake, lion incident to her sister. Didi is sad, after sometime when she feels thirsty, she goes to the nearby pond to drink water.

An Old Lady was Sitting There Preparing a Garland.

Seeing the old lady, the sister asked, Mother, what are you doing here? Who are you ? She said that I am the creator, I am preparing a garland for the brother of the girl whose time is about to come. His sister has killed a snake by grinding it in a mill. The sister understood that she was asking for her brother.

When the sister asked what could be done to survive this period, the old lady said that the sister kept abusing her brother and stayed with him till he got married. Because she can defer the time to come on him. The same thing happened, the sister now instead of returning to her home goes to her maternal home with her brother. Before leaving he took a lot of meat, milk and veil.

Moving Forward, he First Meets the Lion :

He was about to eat his brother as promised. The sister goes ahead and gives him a lot of meat to eat. The lion got busy eating that meat and both the brothers and sisters went ahead. Then he comes to know of the snake from which his brother had moved ahead with the promise.

The sister gave milk to that snake and went ahead. While crossing the river, the sister covered the river, which pleased the river and gave her a way to cross safely. After escaping from all these times, the brothers and sisters reached their mother’s place.

Story of Bhai Dooj | History And Significance of Bhai Dooj : 4 Beautiful Bhai Dooj Story

On reaching home, he started abusing his brother and again took the same angry mood. Mother told her son that’s why I was refusing you. She is always angry and abusive, don’t be overly affectionate. Brother said that he has saved me three times, it was fine on the way, what happened after reaching here and don’t know what!

After a few days, brother’s relation came, the date of marriage was fixed. At the time of marriage, the sister sits in the mandap. A blazing flame rises from the fire and burns the entire pavilion. But there will be no harm to the brother.

The door chikai ceremony takes place, the sister comes out in front of the door and tells the brother to go through the other door. The whole door fills up and collapses as the sister moves forward. Here also he protected his brother.

On the day of honeymoon, she sleeps with a curtain in her brother’s room. While the brother and sister-in-law are sleeping, a poisonous snake enters the room, grabs it and locks it in a basket.

Now he Was Sure That the Time Would not Come for This :

Story of Bhai Dooj : She rests and sleeps on one side. The old mother sees that the daughter is sleeping, all the processions should be sent off. He did the same and sent off all the processions. When the sister wakes up, she does not find anyone there, on asking her mother, it is known that the whole procession has left.

Sister asks her mother to bring back the baraatis. Mother brings back the whole procession. The sister told her nature and motive behind such antics in front of everyone. He also told how time was hovering over my brother.

It was my compulsion to abuse him and always be with him as it would have saved my brother’s life. Everyone was happy because they all knew that the sister was protecting her for a very long time, but people were unaware of her nature.

All the people together first bid farewell to their sister with full respect. After this the whole procession left from there. After this incident, all the sisters worship their brother with Tilak Kalava and all the things of Mars.

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