02 Story of Mahishasura | Why Mahishasur is worshiped with Goddess Durga, know the interesting story

Story of Mahishasura, Killing of Mahishasura and boon of Goddess, How did Maa Durga kill Mahishasura?, Killing of Mahishasura.

Goddess Durga was created to fight the evil demon Mahishasura. The trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva came together to form a mighty female form with ten arms. When Durga emerged in the form of a soul from the waters of the holy Ganges, she was given a physical form by all the deities mixed together, Story of Mahishasura.

During the days of Navratri, you must have seen that wherever Maa Durga is worshipped, along with the idol of the mother, the idol of that most powerful demon Mahishasura is also with the mother. In this idol, Mata Mahishasura is being killed with a trident.

02 Story of Mahishasura | Why Mahishasur is worshiped with Goddess Durga, know the interesting story

Mahishasura is also shown with the mother in the pictures. But have you ever wondered why Mahishasura happens only to the mother. Actually, behind this is the compassionate heart of a mother who shows mercy to her enemies. Let us know about the secret behind it.

Story of Mahishasura :

There is a legend in Devi Bhagavata Purana that there was an Asura named Rambha, who had a son by the penance of Agnidev, who was born from a Mahishi i.e. buffalo, hence he was called Mahishasur.

This Asura could take the form of a human and a buffalo whenever he wanted because of the boon. By doing penance to Brahma, he got the boon that only a woman can put an end to him. So it was invincible to the gods and came under the head of power, it captured the Devaloka.

Under the rule of Mahishasura, gods and humans started living in fear. In such a situation, all the gods and goddesses combined their brilliance and introduced a bright power which incarnated in the form of a woman. This goddess was called Maa Durga. All the gods and goddesses adorned the goddess with their respective weapons.

Killing of Mahishasura and boon of Goddess : Story of Mahishasura

This goddess challenged Mahishasura to battle. There was a fierce battle between Devi and Mahishasura for 9 days. Mahishasura realized the power of Maa Durga in his last moment and that asura prayed to the goddess, O Mother, grant me salvation by killing me with your hands. I am in your shelter, you should take some measures for my salvation.

02 Story of Mahishasura | Why Mahishasur is worshiped with Goddess Durga, know the interesting story

Mother showed mercy to the demon who took refuge and gave a boon that after dying from my hands you will get my peace and you will also be worshiped with me.

Due to this boon of the mother, it has been told in the Bhagwat Purana that while killing Mahishasura along with the mother, the goddess should be worshiped for nine days by making an idol.

How did Maa Durga kill Mahishasura? :

To destroy the tyrannical Asuras, Goddess Bhagwati has taken many incarnations. Goddess Shakti took the incarnation of Durga to kill the demon Mahishasura. According to a religious legend, Mahishasura snatched heaven from the gods by his strength and might.

Then all the gods came together to seek help from Lord Vishnu and Lord Shankar went ahead of them. Knowing the whole thing Lord Vishnu and Lord Shankar got angry.

And then the divine radiance appeared from the mouths of all of them, from which a woman was born. Who was called “Durga”.

02 Story of Mahishasura  Why Mahishasur is worshiped with Goddess Durga, know the interesting story
  • The face of Lord Shiva made his face.
  • The hair was made from Yamraj’s brilliance.
  • Weapons were made from the effulgence of Lord Vishnu.
  • The chest was formed by the light of the moon.
  • The fingers of the feet were formed from the effulgence of the Sun God.
  • The nose was formed by the brilliance of Kuberdev.
  • Prajapatidev’s teeth were made.
  • All the three eyes were created by the effulgence of Agnidev.
  • Evening light raised eyebrows.
  • Ears originated from Vayudev Tej.
After creating the divine form of Durga Maa, Dev Gana adorned her with these weapons.
  • Lord Vishnu gave Sudarshan Chakra
  • Lord Shankar gave Trishul.
  • Agnidev gave his tremendous power.
  • Varundev presented the conch.
  • Indradev offered thunderbolt and bell.
  • Pawandev gave bow and arrows.
  • Yamraj experienced the punishment of Kaal.
  • Prajapati Daksha offered a garland of crystals.
  • Lord Brahma gave the kamandal.
  • Suryadev has given infinite radiance.
  • The lake has provided a garland of lotus which never fades.
  • The mountain king Himalaya presented a mighty lion for a ride.
  • Kuberdev gave a divine vessel filled with honey.
  • Samudradeva gave Maa Durga a shining necklace, two divine clothes, a divine chudamani, two kundalis, two rings, a half moon, a beautiful collarbone and rings studded with gems to wear in her fingers.

Armed with weapons, Goddess Durga waged a fierce battle with the demon Mahishasura and defeated him and killed him. After that Durga Maa again handed over the heaven to the gods. Durga Maa became famous as Mahishasurmardini after killing the mighty demon Mahishasura.

02 Story of Mahishasura | Why Mahishasur is worshiped with Goddess Durga, know the interesting story
For how many days did Maa Durga and Mahishasura fight?

Goddess Durga fought with Mahishasura for a full 10 days. The shape-shifting demon was no match for the bright and strong goddess. On the tenth day, he killed her. The nine-day battle became what we celebrate today as Navratri, and the tenth day – the day of victory – is Vijayadashami.

What happened to Durga after killing Mahishasura?

He beheaded her with the chakra that Vishnu had given her. Thus he freed the world from the tyranny of Mahishasura. Indra and the other gods returned to heaven again, and all was well. Since then, Durga is worshiped during Navratras and addressed as Mahishasura Mardini.

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