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Which god should be worshiped in Kaliyuga, 10 Things About Kalyug, Who is the god of Kaliyuga, Which God is alive (Immortal) in Kaliyuga?, Who is the Biggest god in Kaliyuga?, Kalyug’s Surprising Things.

Which god should be worshiped in Kaliyuga : It is very important to know which God can be worshiped in Kaliyuga to get quick results or which God should be worshiped in Kaliyuga.

With changing times, the form of worship of Gods is also changing. There is a rule to worship which deity at what time and when should the deity be worshipped. It is also important to know this.

Although there are many Gods in Kalyug who are considered to give quick results, but among them there are some such Gods and Goddesses, worshiping whom one gets relief from the sins of Kalyug and all kinds of wishes get fulfilled quickly.

Which god should be worshiped in Kaliyuga  10 Things About Kalyug

Kalyug is going on right now. When the time of Satyayuga was going on, God used to come in person and give darshan. Along with giving darshan, God also fulfilled the wish. At that time God was worshiped a lot.

If we talk about Kalyug, then in the present time God himself does not come and give darshan. In today’s era, if people’s wishes are not fulfilled even after worshiping God, then a question arises in their mind that which God or Goddess should they worship? Today we will tell you which God should be worshiped in Kaliyuga?

Who is the god of Kaliyuga :

The worship of Baba Mahakal is said to have special significance in this Kaliyuga, especially among the gods, Shiva has special importance in Kaliyuga. During Kalikal, various incarnations of Shiva are worshiped as deities which are considered especially fruitful.

Various incarnations of Baba Mahakal like Baba Bhairavnath, Shri Hanuman ji in the form of eleventh Rudra, incarnation of Lord Shankar in the form of Shri Shani Devta etc. are considered to be the deities of Kalyug.

Which God is alive (Immortal) in Kaliyuga?

Even in this Kaliyuga, seven gods are present. These 7 gods are also considered Sapta Chiranjeevi in Kaliyuga. Out of these seven Chiranjeevis, Lord Hanuman, Shri Ved Vyas, Parashuram, Kripacharya, Ashwatthama, Bali, Vibhishana are immortal even today.
Yes, Lord Shri Hanuman, known as Pawanputra Hanuman, still roams around in the world with the wind god.

How many people are immortal in Kalyug :

A total of 7 people are immortal in Kaliyuga. These 7 gods of Kaliyuga are also called Sapta Chiranjeevi. Among all these 7 gods, Shri Hanuman ji is considered to be the giver of special achievements.

Who is the Biggest god in Kaliyuga?

The biggest deity in Kaliyuga is Mahakaal. Various incarnations of Mahakal like Hanuman, Bhairavdev, Shanidev etc. are considered to be the biggest deities in Kaliyuga.

Where do the gods live in Kaliyuga?

Often this question arises in everyone’s mind that where do the gods reside in Kaliyuga. Actually, God resides in the heart of every human being.

But it is also important to know whether God lives in the temple or where God lives and especially where God lives in Kaliyuga. The simple answer to this is that in Kaliyuga, gods reside only in holy places, pilgrimage rivers and pure hearts.

Which god should be worshiped in Kaliyuga :

There is a special tradition of worshiping Hanuman ji in Kaliyuga for the fulfillment of special wishes because even today Hanuman ji keeps moving with the speed of the wind. Worshiping Lord Hanuman everywhere in the form of air gives special results. To worship Hanuman ji, it is very important to follow some special rules.

While worshiping Hanuman ji, a woman should take special care of many things. It is also said in the scriptures that no woman can worship Hanuman ji. Lord Hanuman is a complete celibate and every devotee worships Lord Hanuman.

The first rule of worshiping Hanuman ji is that devotees should take special care of celibacy. In this Kaliyuga, by becoming pure in every way like mental celibacy, physical celibacy etc. and worshiping Hanuman ji for quick fulfillment of desires, one gets special results.

Hanumanji’s Worship Method :

There are different rules for Hanuman puja for both men and women. Women especially should not worship Hanumanji. In special circumstances, a woman can become pure and recite Hanuman Chalisa, Bajrang Baan etc.

At the same time, a person can also worship Lord Hanuman and reciting Sunderkand is also considered beneficial. Lord Hanuman loves singing praises of Ram. Therefore, to get the blessings of Hanuman ji, it is also advised to recite Shri Ram Stotra.

10 Things About Kalyug :

In Kaliyuga, heretic and uncultured people will seize power and rule. Such people will fail to serve and protect the general public and will only loot the money of the general public. This must be Mlechchha in the guise of a king. People will be unhappy with them and they will be exploited and they will oppress people and eventually everyone will be destroyed.

In Kaliyuga, the rules made for the upliftment of mankind will not be followed. Not only this, neither religious books will be respected, nor will their conduct be destroyed, nor will anyone follow the Vedas. There will be lack of religion, purity, truthfulness and memory in everyone.

Only the financially rich person will be worthy of respect and will be considered the best, only the rich person will be able to control everything and the judiciary and leaders will become helpless in front of the rich people.

The sanctity of marriage in Kalyug will have no importance, it will be like only one understanding, the person will give his life partner. The end of love will be like everyone will be with others for meaning.

The Brahmins of the Kali Age will not be paid by consuming meat and alcohol, they will live life only with the goal of earning money and will not pay any attention to deeds and goals. They will also feel fraud.

Kalyug’s Surprising Things :

The insidious, drivers, false people will be given worship in the world and a scholar. On the other hand, there will be no respect to the cultural and respectful people. The Kapali people will be lying and cultured and civilized people will always be upset.

The level of concern in all will go after excessive, due to which many mental illnesses will surround humans. Happy enthusiasm will eliminate everyone and the person’s age will start decreasing.

People will avoid going to temples. Will stop following religion. We will stop going to religious places and will go to the river-ponds and mountains like a pilgrimage place.

In Kaliyug, the weather will also be affected due to humans, there will be no rain on time, it will remain drought, it will rain at indefinite time, heat will become unbearable. At the end of Kaluyag, acid years will also begin, which will spoil the entire crop and humans will become humans.

Crime will increase considerably, people will start killing to get power, money and will also support untruth. Proud will be at its peak, people will get angry at small things and, they will not think about brother and brother for property. Slaughter will be seen on the roads.

Conclusion :

The purpose of today’s article was to make you aware about which deity should be worshiped in Kaliyuga. But it depends on you which deity you are happy to worship and whose worship gives you peace.

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