Shree Ram and Kabandh Rakshas Story |What was the specialty of Kabandha demon?

Shree Ram and Kabandh Rakshas Story, There are many such chapters in Maharishi Valmiki’s ‘Ramayana’ in which small and interesting facts are hidden.

There are many such stories within these chapters which have not yet reached the common people.

The Ramayana period represents the second of the four Yugas, ‘Tretayuga’, and the most important history of this era has been the Ramayana period Shree Ram and Kabandh.

Jatayu Short Story :

It was then that Sita was abducted in the absence of Ravana, Sri Rama and Lakshmana. By the time both of them returned, seeing Sitaji was not in the hut, Shri Ram became distraught. They could not understand where Sita had gone and in search of her they both went towards the forest.

After going some distance, he saw a vulture in injured condition, he was breathing his last. It was Jatayu, he told that he had seen Sita, wife of Sri Rama, Ravana, the evil king of Lanka, had taken her with him. He was trying to rescue Sita from Ravana, when Ravana attacked him.

Telling this, Jatayu breathed his last, after which Shri Ram and Lakshmana performed the last rites of Jatayu. Now they knew that Sita had been taken by Ravana, but they did not know how to reach her. But the mind was troubled, so the legs did not stop and both of them set out in the dense forest in search of Sitaji.

Who was Jatayu?

Jatayu was the son of Arun Devta. His brother’s name is Sampatitha. Jatayu is mentioned prominently in the context of abduction of Sita in ‘Ramayana’. When Ravana of Lanka was kidnapping Sita and going from the sky to Pushpak Vimana, Jatayu fought with Ravana. In the battle, the mighty Ravana cut off Jatayu’s wings, due to which he fell to the earth after reaching a dying state.

When Sri Rama and Lakshmana were searching for Sita, they found Jatayu in a dying state. It was Jatayu who told Rama that Ravana had kidnapped Sita and took her to Lanka and later gave up his life. Ram-Lakshman performed his cremation, pind daan and water donation.

Who Was Kabandh : Shree Ram and Kabandh

Kabandha was a Gandharva who became a demon due to the curse of sage Durvasa. Rama killed her and saved her from the demon vagina. According to another legend, he was the son of an Apsara named “Sri” and a Gandharva named “Vishvavasu”.

It was very beautiful, strong and as per wish, once assumed a very terrible form and troubled a sage named Sthulshira, then he cursed it that you remain in this form, it was a very bad curse, after this once Indra Hit it with the thunderbolt, due to which his head entered the stomach, only the trunk, that is, the trunk, was left, due to which it got the name junk.

What was the specialty of Kabandha demon? :

Kabandha was a giant monster. He had neither legs nor neck, his whole body was seated on his chest. He was a very terrible and fearsome monster. He used to kill and eat any animal through his hands, he could make his hand as big as he wanted.

When Lord Shri Ram and his brother Lakshmana went out in search of Mother Sita and reached there, the demon Kabandha tried to catch them, but Lakshman cut his hands with the sword and then it was over.

The head, pitcher, mouth, any part of this demon was not in the right place. It is said that its mouth was in place of its stomach. And its mind was on its chest and its eye was in the middle of the two, but only one eye. It is said that when Shri Ram and Lakshman saw that demon, he was shouting loudly.

The Episode of Shree Ram and Kabandh :

After going some distance, suddenly he saw a strange creature, it was a monster named ‘Kabanda’. According to the Ramayana composed by Maharishi Valmiki, this demon was one of the most bizarre demons of that period.

The head, pot, mouth, any part of this demon was not in the right place. It is said that instead of its stomach, it had a mouth. And his mind was on his chest and his eye was in between the two, but only one eye. It is said that when Shri Ram and Lakshman saw that demon, he was crying loudly.

He had wild creatures in both his hands, which he was throwing here and there, but as soon as his eyes fell on Shri Ram and Lakshmana, he ran towards them. Taking advantage of his huge body, he grabbed both of them in his hands and tried to mash them quickly.

Shree Ram and Kabandh :

But then very skillfully Shri Ram and Lakshmana cut off both the hands of the junk. The hands fell to the ground and both were freed from the captivity of the demon. On the other hand, Kabandh himself fell on the ground moaning in pain. Seeing Shri Ram in front of him, he understood who he was.

He humbly moved towards Shri Ram and said, ‘Oh my God! I was just waiting for you. I knew that you would definitely come to deliver me the sinner from this punishment’. Kabandha told that he was a sage son in a previous life but he was in some bad mood. He would harass other sages who were engaged in penance and would come disguised as demons to disrupt their sadhana.

How did Kambhak Become a Monster :

Tired of his antics, a sage cursed him to become a demon forever, due to which he was wandering in the forest under the guise of this strange Kabbalah demon. But today he got freed from Shri Ram, pleased with his liberation, he asked Shri Ram the reason for coming there.

Then it came to know that both of them had come in search of Mother Sita in that dense forest which the demon Ravana had taken with him. On knowing the reason, Kabandha was shocked and started alerting Sri Rama that Ravana was a very arrogant demon. He is very powerful, not only other demons but also the gods are afraid of him.

He has troubled all the gods also. He said that he knew that Shri Ram would do everything possible to free his wife from Ravana’s captivity. But still he wants to give a suggestion which will open his closed paths and finally he will come with his wife.

This conversation between Shree Ram and Kabandh :

In the Ramayana text, there is a verse on this conversation between Kabandha and Sri Rama – “Gachha Shirimito Veera Sugriva Tama Mahabalam. Vyasam Tan Kuru Kshipramito Gatavadya Raghava.

That is, Sugriva is the only person who can help him reach Sitaji. They should take his help. Kambadha further said that it is not that Shri Ram alone cannot reach his wife and fight the demon Ravana, but there is a special reason behind his suggestion.

There is no doubt that a person cannot defeat a strong person by using his intelligence, but his intelligence lies in using the right choices to defeat that strong person. Therefore, according to Kabandha, Sugriva was the only option for Shri Ram, who was going to be helpful for him in this difficult path.

Shree Ram and Kabandh :

But this verse of the Ramayana book does not teach us to use anyone for our selfishness. But unless you yourself don’t like someone, don’t want to be with him, don’t use him for your selfishness.

But if you yourself are ready to take the help of that person from your heart, then it will never be wrong to take his help. Shri Ram also did something similar, he himself helped Sugriva to get his kingdom back before taking help. Only then did he tell the reason for their meeting.

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