History of Chhath Puja | When did Chhath Puja start? 4 Beautiful Story of Chhath Puja

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History of Chhath Puja : As we know that the festival of Chhath Puja is a holy festival of Hindus. On this day, all the women observe a Nirjala fast and go to the Ganga Ghat and worship Chhath Maiya and Lord Surya according to the law.

It is said that worshiping Chhath prolongs the life of the son, so women perform this worship with great devotion and sincere heart. Why Chhath Puja is celebrated, How it is Made, History of Chhath Puja, full story of puja, if you do not know all this then it does not matter, we request you to stay on our post till the end.

History of Chhath Puja :

History of Chhath Puja : According to the beliefs, this worship was celebrated even before the writing of Vedas and Shastras. In ancient times, sages started Chhath Puja with the worship of Lord Surya, although the history of Chhath Puja is associated with Lord Shri Ram.

History of Chhath Puja | When did Chhath Puja start? 4 Beautiful Story of Chhath Puja

According to this, both Sita and Rama used to worship the auspicious God, when Shri Ram came after 14 years of exile and came to Jaa, he first went to the river Saryu and worshiped Lord Surya, followed by Chhath Puja. The tradition of celebrating started what it is today. lasts till

How Chhath Puja is Celebrated :

History of Chhath Puja : Chhath Puja is a great festival of four days and Chhath Puja concludes in 4 days with the following types of rituals. Let’s know.

  • First Stage – Have a bath
  • Second Stage – Kharnas
  • Third Stage – Sandhya Arghya (worshiping the setting sun)
  • Fourth Stage – Morning Arghya (worshiping the rising sun)

Have a Bath : History of Chhath Puja

The first day of Chhath Puja is celebrated as ‘Nahai Khay’. On this day, women performing Chhath Puja first sanctify themselves by taking a bath, after that pure vegetarian food is prepared at home. Pumpkin in food.

History of Chhath Puja | When did Chhath Puja start? 4 Beautiful Story of Chhath Puja

Mainly rice and pulses are made, after that the fasting woman will eat first, only then other people of the house will have food, after that the prasad will be distributed among all the people.

Kharnas : History of Chhath Puja

On the second day, after fasting for the whole day, they eat food in the evening. It is called ‘Kharna’. On this day rice kheer and roti will be made as prasad, after that Bhog will be offered to Mata Chhath Maiya and then the woman worshiping Chhath will have food, after which it will be distributed to all the people as prasad and prasad.

Will be distributed as be distributed among the people. Invited Karuna Prasad will be given at home itself. The most important thing is that both sugar and salt are not used on this day, sweets are used in making Kheer. Special care is taken of cleanliness throughout the house.

Sandhya Arghya (Worshiping the Setting Sun) :

On the third day everyone goes to Ganga Ghat, Thekua as prasad for Chhath Maiya Puja, and will be made of rice, after that five different types of fruits are offered here as Prasad to Mata Chhath Maiya, followed by bamboo.

In the basket, all the prasad is decorated with soup and the family and nearby people walk along with the fasting person and then go to the Ganges Ghat and all the people gather at one place, after that the woman observing the fast enters the Ganges.

After this the sun Arghya of water and milk is offered and Chhathi Maiya is worshiped with prasad filled soup. After this people come back home again and listen to Chhath Maiya related songs at night.

Morning Arghya (Worship of the Rising Sun) :

On the fourth day when sunrise rises in the morning she is worshiped, the whole process will be like on the third day, where the last woman will break and complete her fast by drinking a syrup of raw milk and eating a little prasad. Fasting.

After coming home, you will eat a vegetable prepared by mixing rice and many vegetables, thus the end of Chhath Puja successfully.

Chhath Puja Mythological Story :

Talking about the story of Chhath Puja, there are many beliefs and traditions about it. And he had said that if the royal palace is regained, he would worship Mata Chhath Maiya with pomp and worship Draupadi after the victory of the Pandavas in the war of Mahabharata. Since then the tradition of celebrating Chhath Puja started, the goods of worship are also from Lord Shri Ram.

When Lord Shri Ram came back to his city after 14 years of exile, he went to the Sarayu river with his wife Sita and offered water to Lord Surya Dev and worshiped him, since then the practice of celebrating Chhath Puja started as Lord Surya Mata Chhath was Maiya’s brother and there is a lot of love between the two.

History of Chhath Puja | When did Chhath Puja start? 4 Beautiful Story of Chhath Puja

You must have heard about Danveer Karna. It is known because Lord Surya is also worshiped in Chhath Puja. Another legend is prevalent in relation to Chhath Puja. It is said that Priyamvad and Malini used to be kings and queens, they did not have any children.

He said that after receiving a child after severe penance, but when the child was born, he died immediately, after that the king went to the crematorium to renounce his life, when Devasena, the Manas daughter of the Lord, appeared.

Told him to worship me methodically, if he does this then his child will live, after this the king worshiped Goddess Devasena with great gaiety and pomp and as a result he got a son and since then the tradition of celebrating Chhath Puja continued is coming. It started because it is said that by performing Chhath Puja, the son’s life is long.

Story of Chhath Mata : History of Chhath Puja

If we talk about the story of Chhath Mata, it is a very old and a little ritual, it is said that when the Pandavas lost all their kingdoms in gambling, then his wife Draupadi took a vow to worship Chhath Maa and told her.

That if all the governors took them back, then they would worship Mata Chhath, after that in the war, when the Pandavas defeated the Kauravas and got the royal palace, after that, the Dravidians worshiped Mata Chhath, from then on to celebrate Chhath Puja. The tradition started.

After slaying Ravana, Shri Ram returned to Ayodhya after 14 years and offered Arghya to the setting sun on the banks of the river Sarayu along with his wife Sita in Ayodhya on the sixth day of Diwali. The next day, he took command of the Rajpath by offering arghya to the rising sun, since then the practice of celebrating Chhath Puja started.

Four Types of Stories Regarding Chhath Puja :

If we talk about the complete story of worship, then four types of stories are quite popular in relation to Chhath Puja and according to them Chhath Puja is now celebrated with full gaiety and pomp.

And the story of Priyamvad and Malini and Danveer is related to Karna and through them the Chhath Puja festival started which continues even today and will continue in the coming future.

  • Story of Chhath festival Priyamvad and Malini.
  • Lord Rama and Sita did Chhath fast.
  • Surya’s son Karna also worshiped.
  • Pandavas got back the throne.

Story of Chhath Parv Priyamvad and Malini :

According to the Puranas, King Priyamvad had no children for a long time. Then Maharishi Kashyap, after performing a yajna to get a son, asked Priyamvad’s wife Malini to eat food made for sacrifice. This gave him a son, but he was born dead.

Priyamvad went to the cremation ground with his son and the son started sacrificing his life in separation. At the same time God’s Manas daughter Devasena appeared and said, ‘Being born from the sixth part of the original nature of the universe, I am called Shashthi. Rajan, you worship me and inspire others to do the same.

History of Chhath Puja | When did Chhath Puja start? 4 Beautiful Story of Chhath Puja

This puja was performed on Kartik Shukla Shashthi. Since then the tradition of celebrating Chhath as a festival and fasting started.

Lord Rama and Sita Observed Chhath Fast :

King Rama of Awadh and his wife Mata Sita also observed Chhath fast. After conquering Lanka, Lord Rama and Mother Sita fasted on Kartik Shukla Shashthi on the day of establishment of Rama Rajya and worshiped the Sun God.

After performing the rituals again on the day of Saptami at sunrise, he received the blessings of the Sun God. This tradition continues till now.

Surya’s Son Karna Also Worshiped :

There is also a belief from ancient times that during the Mahabharata period, Surya’s son Karna also worshiped Chhath. Karna was an ardent devotee of Lord Surya. He used to stand in water for hours every day and offer arghya to the sun.

By the grace of Surya he became a great warrior. This tradition of offering Arghya is prevalent even today in Chhath.

Pandavas Got Back the Throne :

It is told in mythology that due to the glory of Chhath fast, the Pandavas were able to get back their lost royal palace. When the Pandavas lost all their royalty in gambling, Draupadi kept the fast of Chhath.

His wish was fulfilled and the Pandavas got back the royal palace. According to folk tradition, the relation of Sun God and Chhathi Maya is that of brother and sister. Therefore, worshiping the Sun on the day of Chhath is considered fruitful.

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