Top 10 Ways of Online Income | 10 ways to earn money online : Earn Money From Home

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Top 10 Ways of Online Income : Everyone uses a smartphone, but the way to use it is different for everyone. For example, some use it to play games, while some use it to watch movies. Some for photography and some for social media. But there are some people who earn online using their smartphones. And this article is specially for Top 10 Ways of Online Income.

Because in this article, 10 ways of online earning have been told. With the help of which you can earn online from home. So let’s look at the top 10 ways of online income.

Top 10 Ways of Online Income :

If you think that making money online is easy, you are wrong. Because you have to work hard. It also takes a lot of time and energy. Only then is it possible to build a regular source of income. But still nothing is done in the beginning. Working without money. That’s why patience is so important.

Top 10 Ways of Online Income | 10 ways to earn money online : Earn Money From Home

However, once the earnings start, you can earn money while you sleep. But till then you have to work hard. Another source of income should be developed, from which you can earn regular income. And you can earn money while you sleep. In this article, we will talk about  10 such online money making sources. So let’s start from Ways of Online Income the beginning.

10 Ways to Make Money Online : Earn Money From Home

Generally everyone does some work to earn money. If you do, you must have tried to work out every day. And you must have worked hard all day. But can you do the same for online earning? If yes, then you can earn more than your salary from home.

But if you don’t take online earning seriously. And if you don’t work regularly, you can’t earn regular income. No matter what method you try, you won’t make money. Yes, you can definitely earn some money for some time, but you cannot earn regularly. Because it is very important to have these three qualities in you to earn regularly:

  • Patience
  • Hard Work
  • Continuity

If these three qualities are present in you. And you can work hard consistently with patience! Then you can earn online from home. But for this you need three things. One, smartphone or laptop. Second internet connection. and a third bank account.

If you have these three things, you are ready to make money online. So now let’s start the list of Top 10 Ways of Online Income making methods.

  • Blogging
  • YouTube
  • Reselling
  • Freelancing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Ebook Publishing
  • Online Course
  • Crypto Trading
  • Share Market

Make Money Online From Home : Ways of Online Income

  • How to Earn Money From Blogging?
  • How to Earn Money From YouTube?
  • How to Make Money From Reselling?
  • How to Earn Money From Freelancing?
  • How to Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing?
  • How to Make Money From Digital Marketing?
  • How to Make Money From Ebook Publishing?
  • How to Earn Money From Online Courses?
  • How to Earn Money From the Stock Market?
Blogging : Ways of Online Income

Blogging is the best option for online income. I am speaking from my own experience. With the help of blogging you can earn millions of rupees per month. But for this you need to know how to write articles.

If you are fond of writing. And if you can write articles regularly, then blogging can be the best earning source for you.

How to Earn Money From Blogging :

To make money from blogging, you need to have a blog. So first of all buy a hosting plan and a domain name. And create your own blog. If you don’t have a budget, you can start with free hosting. But definitely buy a TLD (Top Level Domain). Because it has many benefits.

Top 10 Ways of Online Income | 10 ways to earn money online : Earn Money From Home

Well, after the blog is ready, write regular articles and publish them on the blog. When the blog has enough content (about 25-30 articles), apply for AdSense. And as soon as you get adsense approval, advertise your blog and earn money.

Although there is no more income than Adsense. Only 20-30% of total revenue comes from Adsense. Rest 70-80% share comes from sponsorship, affiliate marketing, merchandise, local advertising etc. That’s why blog reputation and content quality are very important.

YouTube : Ways of Online Income

YouTube is a great option, with the help of which you can earn millions of rupees per month from home. But for this you need some necessary devices. Such as camera, microphone, tripod, lights, editing software etc.

But this is not enough. Apart from this, you should also have knowledge about video making and editing. Only then can you make good videos. Also, there should be proper information about things like Youtube community guidelines and copyright.

How to Earn Money From YouTube :

First, create a YouTube channel. and setup it. That is, make proper channel settings. Then continuously upload videos to the channel. And do proper SEO of each video. Because Youtube SEO is very important in this era of competition. So pay special attention to SEO and marketing.

Top 10 Ways of Online Income | 10 ways to earn money online : Earn Money From Home

I want to tell you that when a channel completes 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of video views! So YouTube reviews that channel. and approves or rejects it based on the content. Once approved, the monetization facility is enabled on the channel. That is, you can link your channel with Adsense account. And you can earn money by showing ads on your videos.

Like blogging, you can earn money from YouTube channel in multiple ways. That is, Google Adsense is not the only option. You can also earn money from sponsorships, merchandise, affiliate marketing and local advertising. But for this your channel reach should be good.

Reselling : Ways of Online Income

With the help of reselling you can earn a lot of money from home. But for that you must have an audience. That means having some blog, website or social media account.

If you are active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. And you have a good number of followers! So you can earn money from reselling.

How to Make Money From Reselling :

To make money from reselling, you need to become a reseller. That means you need to be a member of a good reseller company. But the problem is that there are many reseller companies in Bangladesh right now. And all call themselves the best reseller company in Bangladesh and No. 1 reseller company in Bangladesh.

Well, after becoming a reseller, add products to your store. Edit their price, add your commission and share their link on social media, that’s it. Now whatever product is sold from your link, you will get commission.

For example, if you want a commission of Rs 100 on a shirt worth Rs 400. So you have to change its price by Rs.500. And its link should be shared on social media. After that, all the units of that shirt will be sold, you will get Rs 100 commission on each unit. If 10 shirts are sold 10×100=1000 Rs. This way you can sell any number of products in a day.

Freelancing : Ways of Online Income

Freelancing means working independently. That is to work independently without working under any company or organization. Here you can earn money based on your merit.

It is actually a satisfying job that not only pays well, but also gives job satisfaction. That is, being a freelancer you can do the work of your choice. And you can earn good money.

How to Earn Money From Freelancing :

Join a good freelancer platform to earn money from freelancing. and create your profile. That is, tell about your skills, work experience, awards and work. And upload samples of your best work. So that people can see your work. Like if you design graphics or logo design! So definitely upload your best logo. Well, after finishing the profile, sit quietly and wait.

Now whenever someone searches for logo designer, they will see your profile. If he likes your work, he will contact you, and you will be ordered to work. This way you will get continuous work. And you will continue to earn money. But until then, as long as you keep working hard and honestly.

Affiliate Marketing : Ways of Online Income

With the help of affiliate marketing you can earn good money by promoting products. But for this you need to have a platform. That means you need to have your own blog, website or YouTube channel to promote the product.

But if you have a Facebook page! You can still make money from affiliate marketing. But it is not possible without platform and visitors.

How to Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing :

First join the affiliate program of any ecommerce company. After that add the product to your account. And after that share those products on your blog, website or FB page, that’s it. Now whenever someone buys products from your link.

So you get a certain portion of the value of that product in commission. That is, you will get money according to the commission rate. This way you can earn more money on the number of products you can sell in a day.

But to earn good income from affiliate marketing you need to do two things. One, you need to promote products related to your content. And secondly, products with good commission rates should be prioritized. That is to promote such products, which have a good commission rate.

Digital Marketing : Ways of Online Income

Digital marketing is one such career option that can earn you money for life. Because the world is becoming increasingly digital. And the demand of digital marketing is increasing day by day.

In such a situation, can you guess how much the demand will increase in the future? Well, for those who don’t know what is digital marketing? For their information, I would like to say that this is a technique of online promotion. Where promotion is done through digital platforms.

How to Make Money From Digital Marketing?

Your online presence is very important for making money from digital marketing. Therefore strengthen your online presence first. That is, create your website and let people know about your work. Also create your account on social media platform.

And update them regularly. Follow Digital Marketing Agency to understand new updates and trends. And keep an eye on their work. So you know how they work?

When people start recognizing you by your work, you will start getting work. And you will be able to earn well. Digital marketing is a job where you need to stay up-to-date. That is to follow new updates and trends. And you need to change your marketing strategies and tactics accordingly.

Ebook Publishing : Ways of Online Income

You all know that e-books are trending these days, and people prefer to read ebooks instead of paper books.

Because eBooks are on our phones/laptops, which we can read whenever we want, wherever we want. Because of this, paper books are now being converted into ebooks.

So that people can read them digitally. Well, with ebook publishing, you can make good money from home.

How to Make Money From Ebook Publishing?

To make money from ebook publishing, you must know how to write interesting and entertaining stories. Also, your story should be published in ebook form. You can write anything from fiction to novels to biographies.

But as far as I understand, stories with suspense, drama and thrill sell. Well, after the ebook is complete, it’s time to publish! So there are many ebook publishing platforms for this.

Like KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), Google Play Books, Goodreads, Kobo, Readsy, Smashwords etc. These are the best platforms for ebook publishing. With these platforms, you can publish your eBook, and earn money.

Once published, you get paid when people buy your ebook. And the more copies sold, the more money you get. This is how you can make money from home with ebook publishing.

Online Course : Ways of Online Income

Nowadays people learn new things at home with the help of internet. And for this they resort to online courses. The demand for online courses has suddenly increased in recent times.

Because people were locked in their homes due to covid-19 and they had nothing to do. So he learned new things through online courses. And made good use of his time.

But despite Covid-19, the demand for online courses continues to grow. And online course makers are making good income.

How to Earn Money From Online Courses?

You must have talent to earn money from online courses. You must be able to speak and write. Along with this you need to know how to make videos, but for that you can also hire a good video editor.

Because pictures, videos, graphics etc. are used a lot in online courses. PPT files, docs and sheets are also used. That’s why all these things have to be created to create the course.

You can explain any topic in a simple, interesting and effective way! So you can create online courses. And you can earn good money. I want to tell you that this topic is very important for online courses.

So choose topics that interest people. And those who need it. Like school curriculum subjects (mathematics, science etc.), mobile repairing, SEO, digital marketing, programming languages, web designing, ethnic hacking, graphics design etc.

After creating the course, sell the course and earn money. For this you can take help of your blog, website or app. If you don’t have a blog, website or app! So you can resort to platforms like Udemy, Skillshare and Thinkfic.

Crypto Trading : Ways of Online Income

By trading in cryptocurrency, you can earn good money in a short period of time. But for this you need to have money. Along with having the courage to take risks.

Because cryptocurrency prices fluctuate unpredictably. That is, sometimes the price skyrockets and sometimes decreases.

Sometimes this is a huge advantage! So many times terrible damage is done. So having a lot of knowledge about the crypto market is very important for crypto trading.

How to Make Money From Crypto Trading?

First choose a cryptocurrency market or cryptocurrency exchange. That is, create your account on a platform like Wazir X, CoinSwitch or CoinDCX. and complete KYC. After that deposit money in your account. And then buy the cryptocurrency of your choice (like Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc.).

Once you buy a cryptocurrency, keep an eye on its price. And sell as the price rises. And if the price is low, buy it. In this way, buy at a low price and buy at a high price

Share Market : Ways of Online Income

To earn money from share market, you must have good knowledge about share market. It’s actually a great alternative to cryptocurrency! With the help of which you can earn good money in less time.

But for this you need to have proper knowledge of what is the stock market? And how does it work? Also what stocks would work well? And which is worse? It has to have the right idea, only then it is possible to earn from share market. Otherwise your money may be wasted.

How to Earn Money From the Stock Market?

To make money from stock market you need to have demat account and trading account. So first of all choose a DP (Depository Participant). and register. That is, open your demat account and trading account.

Then go to your DP’s website or mobile app and login. and add funds. After that, you can buy shares of any company you want.

All the shares you buy will be reflected in your demat account. And till you sell them, they will be deposited in your demat account. Once you buy shares you have to wait for the price to rise. And sell as the price rises.

That is, buy low and sell high. Keep buying and selling such well performing stocks. And keep earning money.

Ways of Online Income FAQs :

How much money can you earn per month sitting at home?

In plain words, there is no limit to earning while sitting at home. People of many villages earn 20-40 thousand rupees comfortably. In blogging and affiliate field, you can earn more than 5 lakhs sitting at home.

Can any man/woman earn money sitting at home?

There are many ways on the internet by which any person, be it a woman, a student or a man, can earn money sitting at home. We have also given information about some of the best methods above.

How to earn money online without investment?

If you want to know how to earn money online without investment then let us tell you that the best way to earn money online without any investment is to start giving some of your services to other people.

Which is the best website to earn money?

Talking about which is the best website to earn money, like I have told about many websites in the article, like, many other sites have also been mentioned, so whatever site you want You can earn money through You can earn, all sites are good, everyone’s way of earning is different, so you can adopt the method of your choice and earn well from it.

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