What is Computer in English? | Computer Features and History of Computers, Awesome 04 Full Form of Computer

What is Computer in English, What is Computer, History of Computer, What is Full Form of Computer in English, What is Full Form of Computer.

What is Computer in English?, Features of Computer and History of Computer – In today’s time “Computer” has become an important part of every person’s life, be it school or office, or restaurant or any of our own. Important tasks have to be done, computers are being used for almost every task and even the biggest tasks are being completed in less time.

If seen in today’s time, if someone does not have knowledge of computer then he may have to face many problems in his life. Because wherever we look, we see that computers are being used.

What is Computer in English? | Computer Features and History of Computers, Awesome 04 Full Form of Computer

Nowadays people are studying on computer sitting at home and exams are also being done online, many such work is being done by computer itself. So in this post we will discuss about what is computer, features of computer and history of computer.

What is Computer : What is Computer in English?

Definition of Computer, Meaning : Computer is an electronic device, which takes user’s data as input and processes it and gives result as output. First input data, then processing, then output data, this is how the computer works.

In layman’s language a computer can be called an electronic machine, which calculates data, stores data and manages data following the instructions of the user.

The word computer is derived from the word compute, which is a Latin word which means to calculate. However, it is not limited to just counting.

So friends, now you must have known what is computer, what is the definition of computer and how the word computer originated. So let us now know further how many types of computers are there.

What are the Types of Computers :

  • Super Computer
  • Mainframe Computer
  • Workstation Computer
  • Personal Computer
  • Macintosh Computer
  • Laptops and Notebooks
  • Smartphones and Tablets

Super Computer – Super computer is a computer with a higher level of performance than a normal computer. That’s why it is called super computer. It is the fastest and most powerful computer among all available computers. It is used where high database work is done.

Mainframe Computer – Mainframe computers are computers that are used by large organizations to version large amounts of data. Mainframe computers are often used as servers. Mainframe computers are larger and have more processing power than some other classes of computers, such as mini computers, servers, workstations and personal computers.

Workstation Computer – A workstation computer is a high-performance computer originally designed for a single user. It has huge graphics capabilities and a powerful microprocessor. This computer was developed in the United States in 1981 by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration for its Apollo space program.

What is Computer in English?

Personal Computer – Personal computer is abbreviated as “PC”. These are multi-purpose computers, due to their size, design and functionality, they are considered best for personal use. It is also known as one-person computer and desktop computer. It is widely used at home for gaming, multimedia, entertainment, internet access and much more.

Macintosh Computer – The Macintosh computer was invented by Apple in 1984. This computer is very different from other computers. Plus it is specially designed for students and pro users.

Laptops and Notebooks – The laptop was originally designed to resemble a desktop, but is much smaller and lighter. Laptop computers are also called notebook computers. Like desktop computers, both laptops and notebooks don’t need to be connected to power all the time to run. A battery is used in this, through which both can be used by charging like a mobile phone.

Smartphones and Tablets – The size of tablet and smartphone is very small according to computer or laptop. This is such a phone, which is not only used for talking but also as a mini computer. You can also keep them in your pocket. Currently tablets and smartphones have become very popular.

What is Computer Hardware?

Hardware is the part of the computer that we can touch and contains physical information, such as………

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • CPU etc.

These are the basic parts of the computer. So let’s know what is the work of these hardware.

Keyboard – Keyboard is an important part of the computer, there are buttons on the keyboard, which are used to perform various functions. Keyboards are made in different countries of the world according to their own language.

What is Computer in English? | Computer Features and History of Computers, Awesome 04 Full Form of Computer

Mouse – Like the keyboard, the mouse is also an important part of the computer. You can do many things with the mouse. If you are viewing or reading a large web page, you can use the mouse scroller to move the page up and down or select a text or file to view or read it in its entirety, You can copy or read. You can click on any of the links available here.

What is Computer in English? | Computer Features and History of Computers, Awesome 04 Full Form of Computer
What is Computer ?

Printer – A printer is a hardware output device used to make a hard copy or to print a document. A document can be of any type such as a text file, an image, or a combination of both. The printer accepts input commands from users on computers or other devices to print documents. For example, if you have to submit project report in your college then you have to prepare a soft copy of your report and print it with the help of printer.

What is Computer in English? | Computer Features and History of Computers, Awesome 04 Full Form of Computer

Scanner – Scanner is a computer input device through which any document, image and text is scanned and the scanned data is saved in the computer. Just as we use the printer to take out prints from which we get black, white or color prints, similarly with the help of scanner we can very easily scan any black, white and color document and print it in computer can save.

What is Computer in English? | Computer Features and History of Computers, Awesome 04 Full Form of Computer

What is Computer Software :

Software is that part of the computer, which we cannot touch, which we can only see. At present no work is being done on the computer without software. Computer software is divided into three parts.

  • System Software
  • Application Software
  • Utility Software

System Software – If you are a computer user then it is very important to have knowledge about system software as well. System software is the software that manages and controls the hardware of your computer and because of this application the software is able to run in the computer. System software controls everything from starting to closing programs in the computer. The speed of system software is fast and it is very close to the computer system.

Application Software – All users use a variety of applications in their smartphone, computer, laptop or tablet. But very few people know what is application software. Friends application software is such an app that we can easily use in your smartphone. It is a small software which has been developed to help the users.

What is Computer :

Application software differs from system software in that it can be accessed by the user and allows the user to run it on the computer. Application software is generally designed keeping in mind the mobile user. Application software includes media players, MS-Office, word processors, etc.

Utility Software – If you have learned about system software and application software, then now you must also know about what is utility software, because it is a part of computer software.

Utility programs are called specialized software that takes care of all the maintenance and management of the system’s operating system. These software are helpful in making the capacity of computer resources hardware, software, memory etc. and its infrastructure work fast and smoothly.

What is System Unit :

System Unit This is the main part of the computer. In which all the devices are installed to work in the computer. The system unit is known as CPU (Central Processing Unit). CPU consists of components like motherboard, processor, hard disk etc. CPU is also called the brain of the computer and it is of four types.

  • Desktop System Unit
  • Notebook System Unit
  • Tablet PC System Unit
  • Handheld Computer System

Desktop System Unit – The desktop system unit typically contains the system’s electronics components and secondary storage. Input and output devices such as the mouse, keyboard, and monitor are located outside the system unit. This type of system unit is designed to be vertical or horizontal.

Notebook System Unit – Notebook system units are smaller and more portable. This system unit consists of electronics components. Notebook system unit is also known as laptop. A monitor located on the exterior of the system unit is attached.

Tablet PC System Unit – Tablet PC system unit is similar to “notebook system unit”. Tablet PCs are high-end portable devices. Also, it supports the internal data and instructions of the stylus or pen.

Handheld Computer System – A computer device that is used in the hand is called a handheld computer. These devices are small as well as are mostly used in hands, we can take them anywhere. That’s why they have been given this name handheld.

What is the Function of Computer :

People call a computer a computing machine, but this is not the whole truth, humans do not use computers only to do calculations, but computers are used for different tasks in different fields.

We asked 3 people about computers and their uses, 3 gave different answers.

  • Asked the office person what is the use of computer, then he said that computer is used to complete our office work, big work is done with computer in less time.
  • When small children were asked, they said that computer is a game playing machine in which we can entertain ourselves by playing different types of games.
  • When the student studying was asked, he told that computer is such a machine using which we are able to study online sitting at home.

We asked three people and the answers of all three came differently, this tells us that the computer is capable of doing different types of work along with doing calculations, that is, we can do many types of work with the computer.

What is the Full Form of Computer : What is Computer in English?

Friends, you should know about what is computer above, but do you know what is the full form of computer, because we have also seen that many people on the internet are searching for what is the full form of computer. But let me tell you that there is no full form of computer, people take out the broad meaning of computer according to their mind, which is as follows

  • C – Commonly
  • O – Operated
  • M – Machine
  • P – Particularly
  • U – Used for
  • T – Technical and
  • E – Educational
  • R – Research

Other full forms of computer prevalent on the Internet.

  • A normally operating machine used exclusively for technical and education research
  • Normal operating machine specially used for technical, education and research
  • Calculator Operator Monitor Print Update Table Academic Feedback
  • Computing Oriented Manipulation Programming Used in Technology Education and Research
  • General oriented machine used purely for technical and educational research

History of Computer :

Friends, above what you know about computer, let us now get acquainted with the history of computer.

Friends, as soon as we hear the name of the computer, the question often comes in our mind that who would have invented the computer, then let me tell you that the computer was invented two thousand years ago and the invention of computer changed the whole world Taxed.

Talking about the history of computer, the computer was invented by Charles Babbage in 1833. Till now computer has undergone many improvements and its various generations have come, so let us now tell you about the history of computer generations.

First Generation of Computer :

The first generation computer was invented in 1946 by John Prosper and Johann Mauchly under the name ENIAC. In this generation of computers, vacuum tubes were used to make electronic logic circuits and the working speed of computers of this generation was very slow. Along with this, another drawback in these computers was that no common man could buy this computer, because these computers used to be very expensive. Some of the names of first generation computers are as follows-

  • IBM-701
  • IBM-650
Second Generation of Computers :

The second generation computer was invented in 1947, whose inventor is William Shockley, he tried to overcome those flaws by finding some flaws in the first generation computer, which made the size of the computer a little smaller and the working speed of the computer.

There was a slight acceleration and the power savings started decreasing. Along with this, transistors started being used in place of vacuum tubes in this computer. Some of the names of second generation computers are as follows-

  • CDC-1604
  • CDC-3600
  • IBM-7094
  • IBM-1620
  • UNIVAC-1108

Third Generation of Computer :

Third generation computers were invented between 1964-1974. Computers of this time had an operating system built in to control the computer. And IC was used in this computer, which was made by MR Johnny in the year 1953. The size of these generation computers was further reduced and these computers were also named as mini computers. Some of the names of third generation computers are as follows-

  • TCD-316
  • IBM-370
  • IBM-168
  • POD-8
  • IBM-360

Computer Fourth Generation :

Talking about the computer of this generation, the computer of this generation was invented between 1964-1975, many changes were made in these computers and efforts were made to make the computer of this generation smaller. Also in them a circuit was drawn in a small head which was named microprocessor. These computers became faster to run and smaller in size and the cost of these computers was also very less so that common man could buy them. Some of the names of fourth generation computers are as follows-

  • PDP-11
  • DEC-10
  • Star-1000
  • CRAY-1
  • CRAY-x-MP
Fifth Generation of Computers :

Talking about the introduction of fifth generation computers, different types of processors have been used in these computers from 1979 till now. It is faster, smaller in size, multitasking and more durable than all other generations. The interface of this generation of computers has become user-friendly, along with many new features have also been added to it. Some names of fifth generation computers are as follows.

  • Desktop
  • A Notebook
  • Laptop
  • Ultra Book
  • Chromebook
Computer Features :

Computer is full of many types of features. Computers have so many features, which we cannot even imagine. So let us discuss about some of the essential features of them.

Quick to Work :

In earlier times, if any work had to be done, it used to take many days to do that work, but today the same work can be completed in a few seconds with the help of computer. Computer is a fast running machine which completes its tasks very fast. Nowadays computers are being used more and more to speed up the work. Because the working speed of a computer is very fast, it can do hours of work in minutes.

Working Accuracy :

The biggest feature of a computer is its accuracy, it gives accurate answers to your every question. Unless you give wrong input to it, it always gives correct output. The computer’s calculation is never wrong, if the computer sees an error while doing the calculation, it does not show its output or result, it gives an error message.

Hard Working :

The computer never gets tired, you can do as much work as you want through the computer. Because the computer is a machine, it does not feel tired. It is capable of delivering superior results with uniform speed and accuracy from start to finish.

Hope that this post written by us “What is Computer, Features of Computer and History of Computer” will prove useful to you. Apart from this, if anyone has any question related to this article, then they can ask us by commenting. Thank you.

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