What is Internet? | History of the Internet 2022 and Good Features of the Internet, Disadvantages of Internet

What is Internet?, Features of the Internet, History of the Internet, What is Internet Parts, What is Internet Features, Benefits of Internet, Disadvantages of Internet.

What is Internet? : If you want to know what is internet, features of internet and history of internet, then you have come to the right place. Because in this article we will give detailed information about what the Internet is.

Internet This word is not new to anyone now as this is the age of internet. At this time you can see internet being used everywhere. Internet is being used everywhere in schools, colleges, banks, hospitals, restaurants, journalism departments, railways, government and private offices etc.

Internet has become the biggest need of today’s time, at this time many tasks are dependent on the Internet. Not only work, if it is said that today humans are also dependent on the Internet, then it would not be wrong to say so. Because at this time internet has become a basic need of human being, without which life cannot be imagined.

What is Internet? | History of the Internet 2022 and Good Features of the Internet, Disadvantages of Internet

The number of users of the Internet is increasing day by day, but many of them do not know what the Internet is, that’s why in this article we will discuss what is Internet? Features of Internet and History of Internet is going to give detailed information about it.

What is Internet :

Definition of Internet : Internet is known as Antarjaal in Hindi. The word “Internet” is made up of two words inter and net. Inter means “gap” and net means “mesh”. It is a network that is spread all over the world, where all the networks are connected to each other.

You can also call it a big net or a huge net, because the whole world is trapped in its net. This is the reason why all networks are interconnected and they all use standardized communication protocols to stay connected to each other.

Due to this Internet, computers, networks around the world are interconnected and exchange data and information around the world, hence it is also called Global Computer Network.

An Internet client is the most advanced system of information technology based on a server architecture, in which the information that reaches your device (computer or mobile or other) over the Internet is called a “client” and the information that is stored is called a “server” goes.

Parts of the Internet : What is Internet Parts

  • What is Server?
  • What is web?
  • What is domain?
  • What is hosting?
  • What is a browser?
  • What is URL?
  • What is transmission media?
  • What is Internet Protocol (IP)?
  • What is an IP Address?
  • What is client server architecture?

What is Server?

In the field of computers, a server is a combination of hardware or software designed to serve a client. We can consider it as a part of the computer on the network, which manages the network resources.

What is Web?

The web is a network of online information. The Internet and the web are closely related to each other. However, there is a huge difference between “Internet and Web”. Because the web is a program built on the Internet.

What is domain?

A domain is a web address, which is the name of a website that identifies that website on the Internet. This is a domain name like jipandit.com.

What is Hosting?

A web hosting service is an Internet service with which a website is presented publicly on the Internet. In layman’s parlance, hosting gives a website space on the Internet.

What is a Browser?

Browser is a software with the help of which you can visit any website or blog. Browsers are used to open the Internet and view things (articles, images, videos, software) on it.

What is URL?

URL is the web address of a website or blog. Like https://jipandit.com is the web address of this blog. This gives the blog or website identity on the Internet.

What is Transmission Media?

Transmission media is a route that transmits information from sender to receiver. We use different types of cables or waves to transmit data, data is normally transmitted through electrical or electromagnetic signals. Mobile data and WiFi are examples of transmission media.

What is Internet Protocol (IP)?

Messages are exchanged over a network or between interconnected networks using the Internet Protocol (often known as TCP/IP) protocol. Internet protocol is used for data communication. It also serves to transfer data between systems over the Internet. For this reason, connections between systems connected to the Internet are often referred to as “TCP/IP” connections.

What is an IP Address?

Internet Protocol addresses (IP addresses) are used to identify devices connected to a computer network, as each device has its own unique IP address from which the devices are identified.

What is client server architecture?

Also known as client server architecture model or client server network. The client server architecture operates as a group of computers, commonly called workstations. Client-server architectures are often used to build corporate databases.

Features of the Internet : What is Internet Features
  • Electronic Mail E-Mail
  • File Transfer Protocol
  • Electronic Newspaper
  • Video Conferencing
  • Online Learning
  • Shopping Online
  • New Source of Employment

Electronic Mail E-Mail

Any user may send and receive messages electronically to any other person via e-mail. To send e-mail, the user must have an e-mail address. The e-mail service may be used by the User at any time from anywhere in the world. User can log in to e-mail and manage his profile with the help of his password only.

You can understand email id like this- your name or your business name after @, it is called email id. For example, the enabled email ids are [email protected] Here @gmail.com comes after because this email id is taken from gmail.com.

File Transfer Protocol –

File Transfer Protocol is abbreviated as FTP. FTP is an older method mainly used to transfer files over the Internet. Through this we can share files from one computer to another computer and web server.

Electronic Newspaper –

This medium of news is becoming very famous day by day, because now people like to read online newspapers. Just like we read offline newspapers, we can read news online on the internet. Online news, this news is written on websites, through which we can read news online.

Video Conferencing –

Today a lot has changed in our common life due to the Internet. One of them is video conferencing. Through video conferencing, any person can have a face-to-face conversation even while staying away from another person. Due to the lockdown, nowadays it is mostly being used for online classes as well as seminars. We can also attend classes through video conferencing, for this we need a high speed internet connection and a computer or mobile phone and good camera.

Online Learning –

Due to the lockdown, the internet is being used mostly for online studies. Through the Internet, you can study on YouTube or Google from your mobile or computer. Internet has a huge contribution in promoting online learning, today we can study online from home through this and do office work from home too. All this has been possible because of the Internet.

Shopping Online –

This is the age of the Internet. Everyone likes to shop online to save their time. The younger generation is happy with this. Today 90 percent of people prefer to do online shopping sitting at home. Online shopping is a great convenience. Through which we can order any kind of goods online according to our mind.

New source of Employment –

Today internet is a huge means of employment, it can give us many types of jobs, through internet we can send our documents to the companies where we want to work. Through this we can do our own business, like creating a blog, e-commerce website, making videos on youtube, freelancing, creating our own application etc. This is the reason why the Internet is a great source of employment.

History of Internet :

On hearing the name of the Internet, the question must be arising in your mind that who invented the Internet or what is the history of the Internet. If you want to know about it, then let us tell you that this is a long-standing phenomenon.

The US Department of Defense created the Internet in 1969 by networking the computers of UCLA and the Stanford Research Institute. After that in 1969 the British Post Office created the first international computer network, using which new technology was introduced. Then after this very rapid development started in computer technology.

Then in 1980, Bill Gates’s company Microsoft decided to install its own operating system on IBM computers. After that in the year 1984, Apple company made computer with graphics, files and folders, drop down menu, mouse etc. and made the best successful computer of that era.

Web pages were invented by “Tim Berner Lee” for the people who use Internet websites today. It was a great invention of the internet world. Tim Berner Lee created the World Wide Web using browsers, pages, and links to facilitate the operation of the Internet. Google began a research project at Stanford University in 1996, which began work formally two years later, with Dr. Stephen Wolfram launching “Wolfram Alpha” in 2009. Many people have a hand behind its invention.

No one Owns the Internet :

Internet has become a different part of our life in today’s time. Today the whole world is connected through internet, there is no area where internet is not being used, through internet many facilities can be accessed in your computer or phone. Thousands of simultaneously created networks work through it. It is very dynamic and popular.

The internet is not controlled by any government. It is a very large independent cooperative society. Although no one person, company, organization or government agency owns or controls it, some agencies have contributed to its success by providing advice, setting standards, and providing information on other issues. The group that sets standards and guidelines for various areas of the Internet and conducts research is called the World Wide Web.

Difference Between Internet and Web : What is Internet

Friends, you must have come to know about what is internet above, but do you know “what is the difference between internet and web”. Because both are different, but most people believe that “Internet and Web” are the same, but this is not the case. However, the two words are often used interchangeably. But there are many subtle differences between the two words.

  • The Internet is a global network consisting of computers.
  • Internet is a network from which any person can access any contained information through the web.
  • The World Wide Web is a very common application used online and it uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP to navigate various websites.
  • The World Wide Web is the system we use to access the Internet.
  • The web is not the only system, but it is the most popular and widely used system.
  • The web is generally accessed through browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Using such browsers, you can visit various web sites and view other online content.

Internet is an Important Part of Human Life :

Internet has become the biggest need of today’s time. Today a person wants to know about anything, so he first searches the internet about that thing.

Every day something new keeps coming on the internet, from which we get to learn a lot. If it is said that the knowledge that cannot be obtained from books can be obtained from the Internet, then it would not be wrong to say so.

Not only this, there is a solution to almost every problem on the internet in today’s time, which is why the number of internet users is increasing day by day. According to an estimate, there will come a time when every person will be using the Internet.

Today internet has become an important part of human life. In today’s time, there will be very few people in this world who will not know about the Internet. At this time every person is becoming aware of the internet.

Google and Social Networking Sites Behind Internet Popularity :

Google and social networking sites have the biggest hand behind being the most popular of the Internet. At this time a person spends a lot of his time on social networking sites along with searching for the solution of his problem on Google.

What is Internet? | History of the Internet 2022 and Good Features of the Internet, Disadvantages of Internet

In today’s time, if it is said that everything from good morning to good night is available on the internet, then it would not be wrong to say so. This is the reason why the business of online shopping sites is increasing day by day.

Internet revolution has had a profound effect on human life, due to which man is becoming aware of new information, due to which man is moving towards development day by day.

At this time “Internet” is becoming a basic need of human being after bread, cloth and house, because at this time man is becoming dependent on the Internet. This is the reason why internet has become an important part of human life at this time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet :

Benefits of Internet – The most important advantage of Internet is fast communication, in today’s time we can get internet data without any charges from any person sitting in any corner of the world. can help communicate. When we didn’t have internet we had to write a letter to send the news to the person sitting far away. But since internet has come in our life, we can talk to any person anytime.

We can use internet for thousands of tasks like entertainment, study, online shopping, money transfer, online work, online recharge, ticket booking, online help etc. This is the reason why people get thousands of benefits from the internet.

Disadvantages of Internet – There are as many disadvantages of the Internet as there are disadvantages. It has been seen that nowadays people use the Internet excessively, where they waste a lot of their time, this is where the Internet harms humans the most. Time is very precious, we should not let it go to waste.

In today’s time people spend most of their time on social networking sites. It is not wrong to spend time on social networking, but it is wrong to spend more time than necessary. Many people have also become addicted to social networking.

So friends, I hope that the information written by me will be useful to you. So friends share this post as much as possible and what is internet?, Features of Internet and History of Internet, If you have any question related to it, then you can ask by commenting.

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