What is Christmas and why Celebrate? | History of Christmas 2 Beautiful Story

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What is Christmas and why Celebrate? : Like Diwali of Hindus and Eid of Muslims, Christmas is also the most sacred festival of the Christian community. Every year in December, along with winter, people’s enthusiasm is at its peak for Christmas.

Children specially wait for the arrival of Santa Claus with white beard and mustache in red clothes for gifts. Christmas is celebrated to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity (What is Christmas).

Christmas is a festival of Christians. It is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ who is called the son of God in Christianity. This competition is celebrated because the birthday of Jesus Christ. This festival is celebrated everywhere in the world on 25 December. It is called “Christmas Eve”. Here we tell you what is Christmas and why celebrate?

What is Done on Christmas Day :

On this day people of Christian community wear new clothes. Goes to church to pray. People of the Christian community clean their homes and churches. Christmas is the most important festival of Christians. Christmas has the same importance and joy for Christians as Diwali for Hindus and Eid for Muslims.

What is Christmas and why Celebrate? | History of Christmas 2 Beautiful Story

On this festival, Christians send sweets and gifts to their friends and relatives. Christmas cake is made in every home. All dad and mom give presents and toys to their youngsters. people enhance their homes with vibrant, colorful lights and xmas timber. Christmas is a festival of love and peace and it teaches us how to make human life happy and meaningful.

What is Christmas Story :

In the small village of Nazareth, Israel, lived a young virgin Mary who was married to Joseph, a Jewish carpenter. An angel appeared to Mary in a dream who told her that she had been chosen to have a son of God and that his name was to be Jesus.

And thus, it happened that while Mary was still betrothed to Joseph, she became miraculously pregnant by the Holy Spirit. When Mary told Joseph, he naturally felt betrayed, but an angel appeared to him in a dream and confirmed what Mary had told him. Thus he took Mary as his wife despite the possible public humiliation.

What is Christmas and why Celebrate? :

Let this Christmas story give you a complete understanding about Christmas Day, what is Christmas and why celebrated?

Jesus Christ means Jesus Christ is considered the child of God. Christmas is also named after him. There are many differences regarding the date of birth of Jesus Christ. Even the Bible does not mention the date of his birth.

What is Christmas and why Celebrate? | History of Christmas 2 Beautiful Story

According to Christian legend, God sent his angel Gabriel to a woman named Mary, also known as Gabrielle. Gabriel told Mary that the child who would be born from her womb would be named Jesus Christ and would become a king whose kingdom would be unlimited.

Although earlier it was not a custom to celebrate Christmas on 25th December. Another big festival was celebrated on the occasion of the sun going to Uttarayan. Sun was worshiped on that day.

From December 25, the day starts increasing, so there was a belief among Christians that the Sun is reborn on this day. They did not know the actual date of birth of Jesus Christ, so they started celebrating this special occasion as the birthday of Jesus Christ i.e. Christmas. Earlier Easter was the main festival of Christians.

Historically, Pope Sextus Julius Africanus was the first to set a date for Christmas. He is mentioned in the Christian chronology on 25 December in the year 221. The first Christian emperor of Rome, Constantine, also recognized this date.

The first special festival associated with Christmas was celebrated in Rome during 336 AD. Since then its popularity increased. Now this is probably the only festival in the world when it is a holiday in almost all the countries. People of every caste and class have started celebrating it in every country of the world.

In many countries, programs related to Christmas start from the evening of 24 December itself. At the same time, in Britain and Commonwealth countries, the next day of Christmas i.e. 26 December is celebrated as Boxing Day.

2nd Story of Christmas : What is Christmas all About

A long time ago, there was a place called Nazareth where a woman named Miriam (Mary) lived. She was very hard working and was also nice to others. She was in love with a man named Yusuf who was a very handsome young man.

One day, God sent an angel named Gabriel to Mary with a message. He told her that God was sending a holy spirit to earth to help people. That soul will be born as a son of Mary and will name him Jesus.

Mary was perplexed to hear how this could happen as she was unmarried. The angel told him that it would be a miracle from God, you need not think much about it. He also revealed that his cousin named Elizabeth, who had no children, would give birth to a baby boy named John the Baptist, who would pave the way for the birth of Jesus.

Hearing this, Mary accepted the will of God. She went to visit Elizabeth and returned after three months. By then she was pregnant. This worried Joseph and he began to have thoughts of not marrying Mary. But one night while he was sleeping, an angel appeared to Joseph and told him about God’s will. Joseph woke up the next morning and decided that he would take Mary as his wife.

What is Christmas and why Celebrate? | History of Christmas 2 Beautiful Story

After the wedding, Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem. When they reached there, they found that it was overcrowded and there was no room left for them to stay. So they decided to stay in the animal enclosure. There Mary gave birth to the son of God and named him Jesus.

Birth of Jesus :

God indicated the birth of Jesus by a bright star in the sky. The pundits from different parts of the world understood the importance of this star. They followed that star to reach the place of birth of Jesus. They brought items for the kid and his parents.

In other parts of Bethlehem, where the shepherds were grazing their cattle. The angels started giving them good news. They sang songs to welcome the Holy Spirit into the world and celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ.

Since then this day is celebrated as Christmas. Humans visit church in the dark to have a good time the delivery of Jesus Christ. Gifts are exchanged, carols are sung, new clothes are put on and Christmas is celebrated with fervor.

The Story of the Christmas Tree :

At first, everything was used as a Christmas tree decoration. For example, in Switzerland it was first garnished with apples and cheese.

Around 1650, princes decorated their trees with dolls, clothes, and even silver jewelry. Of course, people could not use silver jewelry or dolls as decorations, so they began to design and make their own jewelry. With the arrival of industrialization inside the nineteenth century, Christmas tree decorations have been additionally made and bought.

And sooner or later, inside the late nineteenth century, the Christmas tree was designed. In the 19th century, in Germany, the first artificial Christmas tree was developed. Modern artificial Christmas trees are made of PVC. Amazingly, real Christmas trees help remove dust and pollen from the air.

Christmas Symbol :

Let us now also know about some symbols of Christmas. It is very important for all Christians to understand this.

Angels : Angels announce the news of the birth. He announced the good news that first Christmas night.

Bell : The Christmas bell signifies that everyone is precious in his eyes and he will help you.

Evergreen Tree (Christmas Tree) : The evergreen Christmas tree remains green throughout the year and reminds us of eternal hope and eternal life. We can have eternal life because of Jesus Christ. It points to heaven reminding us that we see God in all things.

Gifts : The gifts of Christmas remind us of how Jesus Christ has given us the greatest gift of all.

What is Christmas and why Celebrate? | History of Christmas 2 Beautiful Story

Holi : The holly plant represents immortality. The red holly berries represent the blood shed for us.

Wreath : The Christmas wreath is a symbol of God’s never ending love – no beginning and no end. The wreaths are in circles made of evergreens which symbolize eternal life.

Santa Claus : St. Nicholas used to deliver gifts from house to house. He wears red, the first color of Christmas. He brings goodwill and love to all as a protector.

Candles : Jesus is the light of the world This reminds us of the Christmas candle. He is the light we must follow and through him we will find our way through the darkness of life.

Candy Cane : The white on the candy cane represents the purity of Jesus, and the red stripes symbolize the blood that he shed for us.

Star : The Christmas Star represents the first star of Bethlehem that appeared on the night Jesus was born. It also symbolizes that Christ is the light of the world and a bright hope for all mankind.

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What is Christmas FAQs :

What is Christmas Day and why is it celebrated?

Christmas is the most important festival of the people of Christianity, which is celebrated every year on 25 December as Christmas Day. The fun of Christmas starts a day before i.e. from 24 December itself. People of Christianity celebrate this day as the birthday of Jesus Christ.

Why do Christians celebrate Christmas?

Christmas or Christmas is a festival celebrated in the joy of the birth of Christ or Jesus. It falls on December 25 and is a holiday almost all over the world. Christmas also marks the beginning of Christmastide, 12 days of celebration.

What is the importance of Christmas?

This festival is celebrated on the occasion of the birth of Lord Jesus. The festival of Christmas is not only celebrated by Christians but in all religions with great pomp. Very few people would know that the Christmas festival is not a one day but a 12 days festival and this festival starts from the eve of Christmas itself.

What is the story behind the Christmas tree?

Germany is credited with starting the tradition of the Christmas tree as we now know it in the 16th century when devout Christians brought decorated trees into their homes. Some made wooden Christmas pyramids and decorated them with evergreens and candles when wood was scarce.

What does Christmas symbolize?

Traditionally, Christmas is a religious holiday commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, and many people still choose to attend church services at this time of year.

What is the history of Merry Christmas?

“Merry Christmas” has been in use since at least 1534. This is evidenced by a dated letter written by Bishop John Fisher to Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII’s chief minister. The English carol, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” which was introduced in the 1500s, also uses the popular phrase.

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