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According to the experts of the Puranas, the recognition of Anant Chaturdashi is very high since ancient times. It is said that whoever observes this fast, all his troubles go away. Along with this, he also gets many qualities then please Read the Anant Chaturdashi Fasting Story.

Long time ago there was a Brahmin named Sumant. He was also very noble and ascetic. He married a woman named Diksha and both had a daughter named Sushila. His daughter Sushila was very beautiful, who was also religious like her father, but when Sushila grew up a little, her mother was initiated into the world.

Anant Chaturdashi Fasting Story : Shortly after the death of his wife Diksha, the Brahmin married a woman named Karakasha. After some time, when the daughter Sushila got married, she got married to Kaundinya Rishi. When the brahmin asked his second wife, Karkasha, to give something to the daughter and son-in-law at the time of their marriage farewell, she became enraged. Karkasha angrily drove the son-in-law away with bricks and stones.

Kaundinya was very saddened by this behavior of Rishi Karkasha. He started going to the ashram with his wife Sushila, but it was night on the way to the ashram. As it was night, both of them stopped on the bank of a river.

About Anant Chaturdashi :

Anant Chaturdashi Fasting Story : Anant Chaturdashi is considered to have special significance in Hinduism, today Anant Chaturdashi is being celebrated all over the country. On Anant Chaturdashi, the infinite form of Lord Vishnu is worshipped anant Chaturdashi is celebrated in the honour of god.

People also keep a fast on Anant Chaturdashi. An infinite thread is tied after the worship of Lord Vishnu. This thread is made of silk or cotton. There are 14 knots in this sutra. Women hold Anantha Sutra in the right hand and men in the left hand. It is believed that wearing the Anant Sutra removes all sorrows and troubles.

Along with this, Ganesh Visarjan is also done on this day. Devotees bid farewell to Ganpati Bappa after 10 days by singing and dancing with pomp. During this, the atmosphere resonates with the voice of Ganpati Bappa Morya. This day is also known as Anant Chaudas.

Pandavas also did this fast : Anant Chaturdashi Fasting Story

Legend has it that when the Pandavas were suffering in the forest after losing all their royalties in gambling, Lord Krishna advised them to observe the fast of Anant Chaturdashi. Dharmaraja Yudhishthira along with his brothers and Draupadi observed this fast with full rituals and assumed the Ananta Sutra. It is believed that due to the effect of fasting on the day of Anant Chaturdashi, the Pandavas were freed from all troubles Anant Chaturdashi Fasting Story.

King Harishchandra also had a fleet : it is said that the truthful king Harishchandra had to face all kinds of hardships during the trial of sage Vishwamitra. After leaving the palace, he had to become the slave of the Chandala. Legend has it that he too kept a fast on Anant Chaturdashi, after which his sufferings were over.

Eating salt is prohibited on this day. On the day of Anant Chaturdashi, an infinite thread is tied by worshiping the Lord. This thread is tied by the man in the right hand and the woman in the left hand. When the infinite thread is tied during the puja, give a dish made in naivedya to a Brahmin and take prasad from the family itself. Read Anant Chaturdashi Fasting Story or listen to the vrat katha after the puja.

Significance of Anant Chaturdashi :

According to mythological belief, Anant Chaturdashi Fasting Story started from the Mahabharata period. It is considered to be the day of Lord Vishnu. At the beginning of the universe, the infinite Lord had created the fourteen worlds – Tala, Atal, Vibhaal, Sutala, Talatala, Rasatala, Patala, Bhu, Bhuva, Swaha, Jana, Tapa, Satya, Maha.

To maintain and protect these worlds, He Himself appeared in fourteen forms, making Him seem infinite. Therefore, the fast of Anant Chaturdashi is considered to please Lord Vishnu and give infinite results. It is believed that along with observing fast on this day, if a person recites Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra, then all his wishes are fulfilled.

This fast is done with the wish of wealth, prosperity and children etc. This fast is observed in many states of India. Folk tales of Lord Vishnu are heard on this day.

Anant Chaturdashi fasting rules : Anant Chaturdashi Fasting Story
  • Lord Vishnu, Mother Yamuna and Sheshnag are worshiped on this day, so they must be worshipped.
  • Anant thread is also worn on this day, so at the time of worship, keep the infinite thread with 14 knots at the feet of Lord Vishnu, only then wear it.
  • If you have fasted on the day of Anant Chaturdashi, then you should tie anant thread throughout the year, if you cannot do this, then definitely tie it for at least 14 days.
  • A seeker observing the fast of Anant Chaturdashi should get up in Brahma Muhurta and observe fast after taking bath etc.
  • Only one meal should be taken on this day, because in the fasting of Anant Chaturdashi, food is eaten only at the time of Parana.
  • On Anant Chaturdashi, you should give dakshina to poor people and Brahmins according to your ability.
  • On the day of Anant Chaturdashi, with Lord Vishnu, establish Yamuna Mata in the form of Kalash and Sheshnag ji as Durva.
  • On Anant Chaturdashi, you must listen and read the story of Anant Chaturdashi.
  • If you have fasted on Anant Chaturdashi, then on this day you should not lie at all or criticize anyone.

If you have kept a fast on Anant Chaturdashi, then salt should not be consumed on this day, sweets should be eaten on this day.

Fasting Method Anant Chaturthi : Anant Chaturdashi Fasting Story

Wake up early in the morning and take a bath and resolve the fast. After this clean the place of worship and make it holy by sprinkling Gangajal. Put a vase there. Put a picture of Lord Vishnu lying on the bed of Sheshnag on the Kalash.

Place an infinity thread with fourteen knots in front of the picture. After this, worship Lord Vishnu and Anant Sutra with the mantra Om Anantaya Namah. Offer Roli, Akshat, flowers, incense-lamp to the Lord and Anant and offer Kheer or any other sweet to the Lord. After this, tie Anant in the arm. Keep fast for the whole day. Break the fast after worshiping in the evening.

Why celebrate Anant Chaturdashi festival :

There is a lot of belief about the fast of Anant Chaturdashi. Its beginning is mentioned in the Puranas. In the Mahabharata, when the Pandavas lost all their royalties in gambling, they got 12 years of exile and one year of exile.

Pandavas were living in the forest, fulfilling their vows. At that time Yudhishthira asked Shri Krishna the way to get back his palace and remove the misery. So Shri Krishna told him that Lakshmi ji got angry on you because of gambling. If you observe Anant Chaturdashi fast to get your royal text back, you will get everything back.

Anant Chaturdashi Fasting Story :

Meanwhile, Sushila saw that some women were dressed in beautiful clothes on the bank of the river, they were also worshiping some deity.

When Sushila went to those women, she told that they are worshiping Anant Vrat and she also told the importance of that worship.

Hearing the words of those women, Sushila also decided to observe that fast at the same time and came back to sage Kaundinya after tying fourteen knots in her hand.

When Kaundinya Rishi asked Sushila about that thread, Sushila told him the whole thing. Enraged at this, sage Kaundinya broke the string with Sushila’s hands and burnt it in the fire. Lord Anant ji got angry on doing this.

Lord Anant ji got angry : Anant Chaturdashi Fasting Story

Due to this all the wealth of Kaundinya Rishi was destroyed and he became very poor in no time. Due to this sage Kaundinya became very sad. One day he asked his wife Sushila about his poverty, when Sushila told that this was happening because of insulting Lord Anant. They shouldn’t have even burnt that wire.

Sage Kaundinya realized his mistake after listening to his wife Sushila. To repent of this, he immediately went to the same forest and started searching for Anant Dore. For many days he wandered in the forest, but could not find Anant Dora. One day he fell unconscious in the forest.

Lord Ananta appeared before Kaundinya Rishi : Anant Chaturdashi Fasting Story

Then Lord Ananta appeared before him. He said to Kaundinya Rishi – “O Kaundinya, you were unknowingly right, but you insulted me. Because of that you have to suffer all these miseries. Now you have repented of your mistake, so I am very happy with you.

I also give you this boon that when you will go home and observe my daily fast with full rituals, then in the next fourteen years all your troubles will go away.You will be endowed with all kinds of happiness.

Hearing the words of Lord Ananta, sage Koundinya went home and worshipped Lord Ananta, observing an eternal fast according to the law. After some time gradually all his troubles went away.

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